Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mix It Up...

I decided since I had limited time today to RUN! Haven't done this activity for a while and I guess it's some new fad... Jogging or Yogging? (I believe it's a silent J)
*Will Farrell, Anchorman

If you want to mix it up and try out a new work out, I remember a version of this from track (Chop or Conroy may be able to explain better) & did this today:

On a Track,

slower warm up mile
light stretch
150m slow jog, 50m fast jog-run, 100m sprint (90% effort), 100m walk/slower jog recovery
*repeat above lap 4-6 times.
1/2 mile cool down

I did only 4 laps today and my legs are heavy and my lungs are burned out.

Have Fun!

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