Thursday, May 14, 2009


I saw an article for Walz Caps on Velonews and decided to investigate further. I don't know if I'm the only one who likes a cap underneath my helmet (it think I wear one on 95% of all my rides) but if someone else does, these look nice:

I think I am going to get a personalized one. I think the Cotton Blend Red/Dark Blue one with "Shippensburg University" on the side would look good with this past year's kits. Just an idea if anyone is interested. Yes, it is $20 and you can find them on E-bay for $3, but it looks like quality material and the embroidery might look cool.

Hope summer is going well for everyone. If all goes well, I might make it down this Tuesday for the TNR, but I work 11pm-7am the night before so we'll see...

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Joe Kopena said...

I highly recommend Pactimo hats. The Drexel team has been using them for a couple years now and they've been a huge hit. Most notably, they're made out of the same stuff as their jerseys so they breath and deal well with sweat. A lot of us around here wear them for ~8 months a year. They're fairly cheap ($12 or $13) and the minimums not ridiculous. I think they require 20 orders for hats, and you can probably sell that super quick. We're constantly running out of our extras because they're so popular.