Friday, January 23, 2009

mabra...and good deals on used gear

There's a link to the MABRA (mid-atlantic bicycle racing association) website on the right-side column of this blog, but you may not be aware that there is also a MABRA listserv. Subscribing to the listserv is helpful to get a general feel for what's going on, to ask questions, and for finding deals on used equipment.

For instance, just today I got a email advertizing an 58cm '05 Cannondale CAAD 8 (frame, fork, stem) and a 58cm LeMond Alpe D'Huez (frame, fork, bottom bracket, headset), each for just $200. That'd be a good deal for anyone looking to upgrade their ride...or build a road bike on the cheap.

The list is hosted by googlegroups. To join, I think all you have to do is send an email to the following:

Or you can go to googlegroups and search for "mabra-uscf."

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Anonymous said...

is there any modern up to date website where i can get cold hard cycling deals with no problem? i cannot find a uk based one but think its needed.