Sunday, January 11, 2009

a 2009 race calendar

The official ACCC schedule (remember, we're in the ECCC, but it's okay to do races in either conference):

Feb 14-15 North Carolina State University
Feb 21-22 Pfeiffer University
Feb 28-Mar 1 United States Naval Academy
Mar 7-8 College of William & Mary
Mar 14-15 University of Maryland/John Hopkins University
Mar 21-22 West Virginia University
Mar 28-29 James Madison University/University of Virginia
Apr 4-5 Virginia Tech
Apr 11-12 (Easter) Appalachian State University
Apr 18-19 AC Conference Champs-Wake Forest University

The first two races (both in North Carolina) are likely too far for anyone to want to travel to. However, the Naval Academy weekend race (Feb 28 - Mar 1) is close and should be our first team race (unless there's a better option of which I'm unaware).

The ECCC schedule.

As Cody suggested, we need to get together and hammer out a team schedule--the races we want to focus on as a team. This is important not only for a training and a competitive standpoint, but also so that we use our (limited) funds most efficiently.

Here's a tentative schedule, based only on which races are the closest to Ship:

feb 28 - mar 1: (accc) naval academy

march 7 - 8: (eccc) princeton / rutgers

march 14 - 15: (accc) u. of maryland / john hopkins

march 21-22: (eccc) u. of delaware

march 28-29: (eccc) philly phlyer

The next four weekends the races are much further away...and it's also when the local amateur races will start up. So...all y'all will have to decide if it's worth it to drive for the collegiate experience (and if you're competitive in the points standings or have a chance at nationals, it may be worth it) or if you just want to race and keep it closer to home.

april 4-5: (This weekend you've got West Point (eccc) and Virginia Tech (accc), both about the same distance apart, but both about four hours away. You also have the Philly Two-Day (USCF) this weekend.)

april 11-12: (This weekend you've got Yale (eccc) and Applation State (accc), which are both even further away. There's also a USCF race in Lancaster Co.)

april 18-19: (X-Pot in Boston (eccc) and accc conference championships at Wake Forest...even further away than the previous week. Another USCF in Lancaster Co.)

april 25-26 (eccc) Dartmouth (Also the Tour de Ephrata, a two-day, three-stage race near Ephrata, PA)

And, finally, one we'll all want to go to for sure:

may 2-3: (eccc) Nitany Classic at State College...eccc conference championship

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