Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love Riding, Hate Flats

I went out yesterday for a ride with no plan of time, distance or direction, those usually end up being the best rides for me. The weather was great it was roughly 35 to 45 degrees, the sun was shining. That always makes everything super perfect. I was warm everywhere except my feet, I need to invest in a pair of those thermal shoe cover things. Needless to say from my title I encountered a few problems with riders favorite friend the flat tire. Not only did I manage to experience one flat, but two flats in a matter of a half hour and about 8 or 10 miles. I ran out of tubes after my first flat forcing me to ask a farmer for a ride to Merv's Bike Shop. That worked out well, I had Merv fix my flat and give me a quick tune up. I continued to ride, after I was all fixed up, for another 12 or 15 miles. All and all it was a great ride about 27 or 28 miles, beautiful day and good workout.

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