Monday, October 26, 2009

Things Fall Apart

No... not the book by Chinua Achebe you might have read in school.

The Story:
I was out with Jon for a ride this afternoon. There was nice weather, a slight breeze, and it was sunny. Jon and I decided to sprint to an uphill stop sign and I really wanted to beat him so I thew down all the power I could muster. I'm pretty sure I was putting out about 2000 watts the whole time. Then suddenly, my left crank arm fell right off. I'm surprised with that much power it didn't just break, but instead, it fell right off my bike... shoe and pedal still attached. I crashed into Jon going about 30mph and we both flew about 10 feet into a tree. Luckily, we escaped unscathed.

The Truth:
I went out for a nice ride with Jon. My front derailleur was acting up and I couldn't shift into the large chainring. After some adjusting and persuasion.... it still didn't work and now my rear derailleur wasn't shifting properly. I notice a while later that my crank arms were moving. Left and Right. (Not Good). I managed to get from the TNR course to Queen Street by Sheetz until my left crank arm fell off. Yes. Off.

Picture this: Cody going up the road on his bike with his left crank arm dangling from his shoe while the right side was slowly creeping off the chain and bicycle. AkA: a complete mess.

Luckily Jon was nice enough to pick me up. (He could have rode back and drove to pick me up much earlier, but he was enjoying watching my bike slowly fall apart)

What a day....


Jon said...

It was a joy to watch and listen to his frustration. I would do it again!

Maret said...

umm... why were you on queen street near sheetz if you were riding from the TNR to your house?

Cody said...

I was generalizing the location...