Monday, October 19, 2009

Shippensburg U 10K

I did a little off-season cross training. I ran the 10K on Saturday even with the extra cold and rainy October weather. The last time I ran six miles was last year when I ran this same race. I ran a couple times last week so I had a little bit of form. I probably went out too fast. I stayed in a guys slip stream for about two miles. Unfortunately, drafting does nothing in running, pooey. I ended up running a 41 something, I never got an official time. That was a little faster than last year, maybe a minute or so. I was pleased but boy did I pay for it today. I was sore this morning, I've avoided stairs and may have possibly whined a little. This is another reason cycling is so much better. The pain after a good workout is never as bad. I suppose that's one benefit of doing a sport that costs thousands of dollars instead of only a hundred or so a year.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Very similar to his biking habits, Mike was unable to get his delicate body out into the elements Saturday. Instead, I had two trumpet teammates of mine run the race with me. They did excellent work getting me into the break and then setting a false tempo at the front. It was brilliant. As usual to my style, I believe I got fourth place. If I can get a top three in any race next year I'm going to pee.