Thursday, April 18, 2013

ECCC race wkd #6: The Shippensburg Scurry

A BIG race weekend!

I mean, it was our home race, so obviously a super BIG event for the SU VelociRaiders.  (Do you like that?  I just made it up.  Two seconds ago.)

A lot to say (and it's pretty late in the saying), but I'll reserve this post to documenting results.

And results we had...two big wins from Lori Incitti in the Women's Intro (time to move to C's?) and some great results from freshman Kevin Griffin in his first collegiate event, including a win on the Horse Killer RR course in the Men's DII.

A few pictures here.  For many, many more pictures (all courtesy of Dr. Michael Drager), click here.

Read race reports on the pipes here, here, here, and here.  Or peruse the ECCC blog reel here.

There are also photo streams wandering about...some are linked on where, incidentally, you can also find full results.

Many thanks, again, to all who participated, either as racers or volunteers.  Thank you!

April 6

Men's A, Campus Criterium

Alan Royek (9/41)

Men's C, Campus Criterium
Jeremy White (20/54)
Kyle Irwin (32/54)
Michael Poland (44/54)

Men's DII, Campus Criterium
Kevin Griffin (4/26)
Sean Severt (5/26)
Ben Heisey (21/26)
Tyler Lee (22/26)
Erik Danielwicz

Women's Intro, Campus Criterium
Lori Incitti (1/5)
Heather Diehl (3/5)
Alyssa Wentz (4/5)
Tatyana Thomas (5/5)

Men's A, South Mountain HC
Alan Royek (13/33)

Men's C, South Mountain HC
Michael Poland (25/55)
Kyle Irwin (31/55)
Jeremy White (38/55)

Men's DII, South Mountain HC
Kevin Griffin (13/19)
Sean Severt (16/19)
Ben Heisey (19/19)

April 7

Men's A, Horse Killer RR
Alan Royek

Men's C, Horse Killer RR
Kyle Irwin (20/64)
Jeremy White (26/64)
Michael Poland (48/64)

Men's DII, Horse Killer RR
Kevin Griffin (1/27)
Sean Severt (13/27)
Ben Heisey (25/27)

Women's Intro, Horse Killer RR
Lori Incitti (1/4)
Alyssa Wentz (3/4) 
Heather Diehl (4/4)

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