Monday, March 4, 2013

ECCC race wkd #1: Rutgers

Shippensburg University outperformed expectations this weekend at Rutgers, which hosted the first collegiate weekend of the ECCC road calendar.  Six SU students each completed three events, for a total of 18 rider events...and three victories.

On Saturday morning, we saw riders sprint through a 2.2 mile time trial.  Jeremy White posted the fastest time in the Men's C2 field, covering the course in 4:54.  Michael Poland blew the bibs off the Men's D2 field with a winning time of 5:15.

We also had two race virgins there to play in the bike games.  Lori Incitti posted a 6:59 in the Lady's Intro (for 15th) and Ben Heisey pulled in at 7:03 (for 36th).  A big congratulations to those two!

In the afternoon, Michael, riding a high from his TT victory in the morning, sprinted from an elite selection for his second win of the day in the Men's D2.  Jeremy finished strong in the C2, taking second in the field sprint behind a break of three for fifth overall.

Sunday, in the circuit-race-that-was-really-a-crit, Alan Royek animated the Men's A by bridging to a break and eventually finishing second in a three-up sprint for third.  Jeremy had another top 10 finish in the Men's C2, and Michael finished forth in the Men's D2.

Great work from everyone.  I'm especially proud of our two intro riders for giving it a go. 

The crew for March 3 & 4, 2013:

Men's A
Alan Royek
Men's C2
Jeremy White
Sean Severt
Men's D2
Michael Poland
Men's Intro
Ben Heisey
Women's Intro
Lori Incitti

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