Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tnr, 1/31

A tremendous day. Fabulous. Stupendous. There aren't enough superlatives.

As Christopher put it, "It's a perfect day. Not a perfect January day, nor a perfect spring day. Just a perfect day."

What made it perfect? Contrasts, I suppose. It's been such crappy weather, but today was 65. There was wind, but it was somehow ok. The skies were blue. Visibility was amazing. And we had 14 riders come to play (8 SU students, 1 other college student, 2 HS students, 1 Ship Cycling alum, and 2 SU profs).

So for a perfect 10 of a day, I give you 10 finish line photos from today's fun...

the early arrivals

most of the crew

Chris T., Jeremy, and Christopher (I think)

Jay, laying it all out there







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