Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Race Calendar

ECCC Race calendar preview. For 2012 road season.

I compiled a week by week guide for the race season.

Week 1:March 3-4

The season kicks off with the “Frozen toed season opener” with an individual time trial and road race at Rutgers on Saturday and Sunday a criterium at Princeton.

Ship to Mercer NJ 3 hours. Mercer to Princeton 20 minutes.

Being the season opener and after all this training I can say this is a must go.

Week 2: March 10-11

Spring break starts on Friday the 9th so if you’re not going to someplace warm why not go race the Grant’s Tomb crit presented by Columbia University on Saturday and the Duck County circuit on Sunday.

Ship to New York, NY 4 hours. NY to Mountain Side NJ 45 minutes. It’s a bit of a travel for the second race but its closer to Ship than NY so it cuts out some of the travel time on the way home.

Week 3: March 17-18

Spring break ends on Monday the 19th but I can say I’m definitely going to Philly Phyler. Besides being one of the closer races for us it’s also one of the biggest collegiate races on the east coast.

Travel time depends on where you live.

Week 4: March 24-25

It’s the exact same race as week one so this one is a maybe.

Week 5: March 30-April 1

Another sure go is the Penn State Nittany Classic. Besides being close, we get to see our recent grad Aaron living up in State College. With the crit being on frat row I may have a mid morning beer after my race.

Ship to Penn State, 2 hours

Week 6: April 7th-8th

It’s another race in the New England area which means a long drive but it might be worth it for Yale’s “Lux et Velocitas” which according to Google translator means “the velocity of light”. Anyone speak Latin? Wouldn’t mind doing a little road trip for this weekend.

Ship to New Haven CT 4 hours 30 minutes

Week 7: April 14th-15th

Race this week is in West Point New York at the military academy. Maybe they will let us stay in the barracks.

There is also an ACCC option to go to West Virginia University this weekend. We won’t score points since it’s out of conference but we can still race in it. It’s about an hour closer and would be cool to meet some riders from the accc.

Ship to West Point NY 3 hours 45 minutes. Ship to WVU 2 hours 30 minutes.

Week 8: April 21st-22nd

This is hosted by Dartmouth so it’s gonna be a haul to get up there and not sure if it’s really worth going unless we get into some sort of point standings contention. Hopefully all the ECCC riders will figure out that it’s still cold in NH in April and let Ship have this race next year instead where it’s warmer.

Ship to Dartmouth, 7 Hours.

Week 9: April 28th-29th

This is the conference championships but it’s in New Hampshire again. This time University of New Hampshire is hosting. If you’re going to make the trek(no pun intended if you ride a trek) you might as well do it this weekend rather than the Dartmouth race. It’s our last race weekend unless you go to nationals.

Ship to UNH 7 Hours 20 minutes or 1000 miles round trip. (Maybe we can fly there out of Harrisburg? Sort of a joke but not a bad idea if we can get some more student senate money)

Looks like we will have a good race team this year that is going to get us some much needed recognition. See everyone when we get back from break. For now me and my sister will be training on the roads in Lancaster.

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