Friday, September 2, 2011

back to school...

Great rides on the first week of school. First, the TNR. Eleven riders, two newbies. Let's see...there was Aaron, TT Brian, Luke & his dad, K-town Kyle, the inestimable Rider Big E, Christopher W., Chris T., newbies Stephen & Michael, and me. An impressive crew!

A few pics:

I think this is Luke, but I'm not totally sure. :-)

TT Brian

newbie Michael

K-town Kyle

Then, today, a great nine-rider turnout for the Friday No-One-Gets-Dropped-Ride. Probably the fastest, tightest No-One-Gets-Dropped-Ride ever.

More pics:

The crew, menus eu, pre-ride.

Between the stalks.

A shot of the cockpit from the cockpit. (Why the brake cable over the stem, you ask? Well, it's a XC rig, and there's a cable stop right there, and this strategy left a less aggressive bend. I like it.)

I think I should get props for not crashing while taking this pic.

Ship alums Jon & Jimmy slumming it with the crew.

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