Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tnr 07.07.09 -- pics

A great ride last night at the Tuesday Nighter. Eleven folks toed the line, including first-timers IUP John and Paul from YBR.

Let's see... From left to right, by head, we've got IUP Jon, Rider Big E, Andy B., Jim H., Jon M., Mike M., McChop, YBR Paul, Brian H., & Pat H.

The action picked up after the second sprint line on the second lap. While Jon was napping at the back of the field I jumped up and tried to get Pat and Brian to pull away. But in no time Jon popped up to the action and he and rode away... Despite strong efforts from Pat, Brian, and Big E, the two of us were able to stay away and the race ended in the now usual fashion--Jon opening his can of I-Can-Beat-Anyone-Up-This-Hill at the 200m-to-go fire hydrant, with me limping up behind.


Big E
(And I'm sorry I don't know what order everyone else rolled in.)


Goates (20)
Pat (19)
Jon (18)
Big E...

We ended the evening with another quick ride up Big Flat. I love that road...

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