Monday, July 13, 2009

Proposed TNR Route Change

We have been doing the same TNR route since January, and don't get me wrong I love our course, but I think that we should make a minor change. Just after the (watch children) sprint marker we make a right turn which puts us on the road that ends with the highly dangerous turn that everyone hates. Instead of making that right hand turn we should go straight and make the next right which would bring us back around to the same place that we would have gotten to anyway. By doing so we would eliminate the dangerous turn, add a mile and 2 nice little climbs climbs. Also, I think that it will be nice to change it up a little bit. What do you guys think?


Jon said...

It looks good to me.

Cody said...

I think that's what Chop and I did our very first TNR... there are two little "bugger" hills that are going to be added.