Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tnr 02.17.09

We had an impressive crew out yesterday...six riders, a new course record. (And if we count the one Mennonite girl and the dude in the red jacket that were sort of riding the course with us I suppose we can say we had eight.)

Congratulations to first-timer Conroy.


Yearbook photos last night. Stay tuned for pics. You'll see them here first.


TNR tomorrow looks like a go. It'll be cold (about like yesterday), but with a bit of wind.


Finally, it looks like the plan for Saturday btogs is 1pm at my house (116 w king st), subject to weather conditions.

I'm thinking Big Flat, Pine Grove Furnace Rd., 233 north back over the mountain, then back to Ship along Pine and Walnut Bottom Roads. Total mileage should be around 45 miles.

But again, all this depends on weather conditions.

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