Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great Ride, Legs Burnin, Feet Warm

The ride this morning was awesome. It had felt great to get out and ride as a big group. I got my but kicked but it fells great. My legs will be burnin into early next week I am feelin it. Thanks to everyone for comin out and ridin. I think the course goates took us on was a great oppurtunity to climb, challenge ourselves and just ride hard. My feet stayed warm today for the first time thanks to Goates innovation. I will post some pics of these miraculous shoe covers. It was so cheap that is always key, and it was easy and worked pretty well. Take a pair of thick socks. put them over your shoes and cut out the clip. Awesome. I think we will have some strong racers this season, things are lookin good.

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cryanathus said...

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