Sunday, December 14, 2008

Suprisingly Great Ride Today!

So it was beautiful out today and all throughout church I was itching to get out and ride... so I did! Broke in the new (and stylish) SU Kits today as well. They feel great, especially the windproof vest! I'm glad they came Friday!

Anyways, I started out for about 4-5 miles from my house, did a few short (but STEEP) climbs in "The Hills" part of Harrisburg, then coming out, I ran into a guy (Paul) who happened to be riding by, and he invited me to join him! So, Paul was like a Cat3-2 rider, but I stayed with him (for the most part...) except for the climbs. Long story short, he was a great guy and we ended up going 32.8 miles... (wasn't planning on that so my legs are pretty shot now) but it was a lot of fun!

Just thought I would share... Have a good break!

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