Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crazy Night Tonight

So I almost got killed tonight. I got out late today... around 3:50 ish and decided to take advantage of the semi-tolerable weather. hovering around 44 degrees isn't too bad I guess. I had no trouble once I got into town around 4:55, but once I got onto campus around 5:00 ish, all hell broke loose. I almost got hit like 4 times, people were yelling I was crazy (literally), and one girl yelled "Where's your blinkers". It's 5:15 now and it's pretty dark, but at around 5:00 I had on sunglasses and still thought it wasn't that bad. Just thought I would share, so watch out for crazy drivers on campus! ha ha. See everyone thursday at the shin-dig!

ps. Matt, if you went out today, sorry I couldn't make it at 3:15, at least you had some light!

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