Monday, November 24, 2008

a note on goings-on

Last Thursday we had a informal fix-it gathering in my basement (y'all are going to think I'm afraid to let you inside). We replaced Matt's crank and bottom bracket and threw Jon's cassette on his new wheels and most just sat around and listened to Big E's tall tales of intrigue and glory. Also met Kristin's dog.

Saturday's crappy weather drove us to leave our wheels at home and get our heart rates up hoofing along the AT from Caledonia SP to where the AT crosses 233 south of there a bit. We returned via the old AT on the east side of 233. For those of you in the area over the holidays, look for more hiking to come.


Tuesday night spin class at the Chambersburg YMCA. I think the class starts at 6pm. Be there fifteen minutes early. Bring your SPD or street shoes.

Thursday, Dec 4, special end-of-the-year party. Details forthcoming...but the short of it is this: food and flick in Michaux. A very big screen. A cycling movie. A comfortable environment. Dress very warm.

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