Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7 Days Until Winter...

Winter is coming.

As a Ship student I never really understood what that meant until my Senior year (when I probably was at my peak fitness). All of those hours in the garage on the trainer. It's worth it in the end. Having that feeling of accomplishment when you're twice as fast as any of the other guys in your race as you look back and see them suffer to keep up with you.

I only had a slight taste of that feeling until I overtrained*. We can all use some motivation in the Winter. These type of videos help, this is one of my favorites.There are bunch out there so switch it up for those mornings where you think it's 'too cold' or 'too windy' to get out there and ride your bike.

*Make sure you do some decent stretches after each ride and do not try to ride through a ton of pain if you're having it. I'd suggest a physical therapist.

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