Friday, April 25, 2014

RESULTS: SMSS #1, South Mountain Hill Climb, Apr 24

What a great evening for a little bike race.  Is there a better place on this green Earth for cycling?

Anyway, there was a diverse, if not large, group that came out to play.  Big shout out to the boys from Dickinson College that came to join us.  Many happy returns!

Also, given the numbers, we deviated from the normal three-person teams and went to two.

Thanks again to everyone who made it.  Hope to see you all again on Tuesday (for the first run at the Ironmasters TT--a two-man deal) and next month for ever-popular Pine Grove RR.  (Complete schedule here.)

SMSS #1, South Mountain Hill Climb
April 24, 2014
Individual Results
 1 Nathan Goates          Faulkner Nissan Racing
 2 Eric Diamond           Shippensburg University
 3 Eric Noreen            Gettysburg / SMVC
 4 Tyler Riegel           Dickinson College
 5 Christopher Woltemade  Antietam Velo Club
 6 Michael Poland         Shippensburg University
 7 Jim Hartnett           SMVC / Gettysburg
 8 John Lancione          Antietam Velo Club
 9 Rick Ackerman          Shippensburg University
10 Kyle Irwin             Shippensburg University
11 Nick Shewell           Dickinson College
Club Results
 1 Shippensburg University                       8 pts
 2 Gettysburg Cycling                           10
 2 South Mountain Velo Club                     10
 4 Faulkner Nissan Racing                       13
 4 Antietam Velo Club                           13
 6 Dickinson College                            15

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