Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RESULTS: SMSS #5, Caledonia Calderon of Burning Bicycles, Aug 27

Some powerful good riding on some powerful good terrain...

I think the handicapping worked out pretty good today.  It was tight.  But, in the end, Round Here Racing was able to extend its lead over second placed South Mountain Velo, with Antietam Velo Club remaining close behind in third.

With the semester back in full swing and the students back in town, a strong showing (and dominate performance) from Shippensburg University netted them the club win for the round and saw them leapfrog Gettysburg Bicycle for fourth place in the overall.

The caravan from Shippensburg...
The SU boys, ready to rumble.

SMSS #5, Caledonia Calderon of Burning Bicycles
August 27, 2013
Individual Results
 1 Jon Marshall      Round Here Racing
 2 Alan Royek        Shippensburg University
 3 Nathan Goates     Round Here Racing
 4 Joe Kahler        South Mountain Velo
 5 Eric Diamond      Antietam Velo Club
 6 Brad Thompson     Shippensburg University
 7 Eric Noreen       Gettysburg Bicycle
 8 Jeremy White      Shippensburg University
 9 Michal Perdek     Franklin County Cyclists
10 Jim Hartnett      South Mountain Velo
11 Michael Poland    Shippensburg University
12 Chris Townsley    Antietam Velo Club
13 Rick Ackerman     ?
14 Steve Bussey      Shippensburg University
15 Jeff Townsley     Antietam Velo Club (guest rider)
16 Bill Sommers      Shippensburg University (guest rider)
17 Max Sommers       Shippensburg University (guest rider)
18 Josh Levisky      Shippensburg University
Club Results
 1 Shippensburg University                          16 pts
 2 Round Here Racing                                23
 3 Antietam Velo Club                               32
 4 South Mountain Velo                              33
 5 Gettysburg Bicycle                               45
 6 Franklin County Cyclists                         47
 7 all others                                       57

2013 Overall Standings (after five rounds)
 1 Round Here Racing                                82 pts
 2 South Mountain Velo                             110
 3 Antietam Velo Club                              124
 4 Shippensburg University                         154
 5 Gettysburg Bicycle                              156
 6 Franklin County Cyclists                        212
 7 all others                                      222

The final SMSS is the team time trial!  Teams of 2-4...on a route that will be some variation on the traditional Iron Masters course.  Wednesday, September 11, 6:00 pm.  Park/meet at the Iron Masters mansion, Pine Grove State Park.


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