Thursday, June 27, 2013

RESULTS: SMSS Round #3, King's Gap TT, June 26

Not a terribly impressive turnout for the King's Gap TT.  An unpopular event?  I know it's a pretty long haul for those east and south of the mountain, but I would have expected a more substantial turnout from the Carlisle-to-Mechanicsburg crowd. 

Anyway, a terribly hot, humid evening was made a little more bearable by a brief cloudburst just as we were getting underway, putting enough water on the road for a rider to make a nice little rooster tail, and, for this rider, getting in that road spray was downright refreshing.  Plus, sun showers on the ride back to Ship.  Bonus!

Round Here Racing jumped from third to first in the overall standings with a sweep of the podium, but also (and more importantly) because they were the only team to field a full contingent of riders.

AVC managed to erase the four point deficit SMVC had on them last month and tied things up.  After two rounds there were eight points separating the top three.  After three rounds the top three are within seven.  It's still anyone's game!

Remember, it's numbers that matter.  Show up with a full contingent of riders and you don't even have to do very well to shoot up in the standings. 

See you next month!

SMSS #3, King's Gap TT
June 26, 2013
Individual Results
 1 Micah Engle            Round Here Racing    12:01
 2 Nathan Goates          Round Here Racing    12:51
 3 Alan Royek             Round Here Racing    12:57
 4 Eric Diamond           AVC                  13:29
 5 Christopher Woltemade  AVC                  13:33
 6 Joe Kahler             SMVC                 14:22
 7 Jim Hartnett           SMVC                 15:32
Club Results
 1 Round Here Racing                           6 pts
 2 AVC                                        17*
 3 SMVC                                       21*
 4 All Others                                 24*

2013 Overall Club Standings (after three rounds)
 1 Round Here Racing                          54 pts
 2 AVC                                        61
 2 SMVC                                       61
 4 Gettysburg Bicycle                         74
 5 Shippensburg University                   100
 6 All Others                                114

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