Sunday, November 4, 2012

Race Weekend Update

Report via Micheal Poland:

Race report in 250 words: Ship scored some nice collegiate points this weekend at two cyclocross races in NJ. Day one- In the wastelands of Jersey "too cool to dismount for barriers" Alan suffered a minor setback in his race when he tried to bunny hop over a barrier but failed miserably and fell but still managed to get 8th overall and 1st for collegiate in the Men's B. I did okay in my first cyclocross race and edged past a Drexel Dragon(out of fire) at the end in C's. Rich also helped score some points in the C's. Day Two: First a shout out to Jake Sitler(recent SU alum) for coming in 19th in the mens UCI Elite(according to velonews) in his first cross season. Sitlers fan boy entourage he brought with him from Ship provided some colorful, harassing, sexist commentary for other riders throughout the day I shall not write down on this page. Alan again pulled the team with a 14th place overall 1st place collegiate finish in the B race while I finished 6th for collegiate riders in C's and Rich again added some points in the C's too. Waah my legs hurt Erik(yes Erik I just called you out) pulled himself from the race. 

Great weekend, I had fun. Thanks Paul for letting us sleep at your place. I have more photos of you if you want them, email me at richard.a.abel(at) if you want them!

Hello Sandy!!!


Christopher Townsley said...

Way to rock the skinsuit, Alan!

Fanboy#1 said...

"colorful, harassing, sexist commentary"

Don't hate because we weren't there to cheer for you. If I could take that beer back I would. No more PBR for you.

Fanboy#1 said...

Just kidding. You've been Blogspot heckled. SHIP IS IT!