Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a Rutgers race report

From Steve:

Time trial:
It was a rough morning getting started for our time trial. Men's D category was up first and we were late to getting there, so by the time we arrived they were already launching and I was rushed to get in line. Neither Jeremy or myself got any warm up time in, which of course is not a good thing for a such a short TT. The course itself was very nice, started off with a gradual uphill, which went down into a 180 degree turn and back on itself. I was picking up time on the person in front of me pretty well, although the turn made me lose a bit of time. I ended up passing the guy in front of me  towards the end but got passed by the rider behind me  who passed the person I passed and myself (he actually won the TT for men's D so that made me feel a bit better). Here's a picture from when he overtook me: http://velocityresults.com/images/2471.jpg He did draft me a little bit but I guess what the officials don't see doesn't matter.

Road race:
Was a wet start for this race. Felt pretty good going into the start and the "long" uphill in the beginning. Was towards the front middle of the pack which is right where I wanted to be. On the descent I heard people in front of me screaming "braking slowing" so I tapped my back brakes...bad move. Next thing I know my back tire slid out and I'm doing a side roll with my bike. The guy beside me fell the same way a tiny bit before I did so we clogged up the road. There were about 5 or 7 people who ended up dropping out from that crash. Luckily my bike was okay for the most part. The main trouble there was a change of road surface from an old paved road to a newly paved asphalt road that didn't even have lines yet. Mixed with the rain this was just a nasty combination for the D field.

Sean and myself chose to do the intro crit due to us both being beat up from falls in the road race. We both felt okay enough to ride the intro field, which made us both quite happy. The intro crit started out with a helpful lesson about braking (could have used that a day prior) and turning. We then did 3 laps with the coaches followed by a regroup and 4 laps for our actual ride. The crit course was really pristine. There was a decent uphill that went on for about 1/3 of the 1.2mile course followed by a lengthy downhill into a flat section where the line was. There was only one turn in the crit although it was not very sharp. The downhill section looped around for a turn but was so smooth that one could just take it without worrying. Sean and I ended up sprinting it out at the end against one another finishing 8th and 7th respectively in our field of 28. Not too shabby for being all beat up.

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