Wednesday, March 30, 2011

glossary of bicycling

I was searching for something else entirely and came upon a fabulous Wikipedia entry--a glossary of cycling terms.

It probably ought to be required reading.


Some random mtb action to get y'all excited about Saturday's relay.

Monday, March 28, 2011

RPI Race Weekend

The RPI race weekend was definitely a success for all who participated this weekend. It was and excellent road trip despite the freezing weather. The first race of the weekend was Sat. morning's ITT in 22 degree weather. The course was a flat 4.5 mile out and back. We made a good faith effort to warm up but as we stood in line at the start the quads definitely cooled down. The hands and feet were not too happy during riding either. But, the ITT was a great way to warm up for the road race since Men's C was last in the ITT and then first in the road race. So here are official results: Pete: 34 out of 60 in C Brad: 54 out of 60 in C Chris: 27 out of 30 in DII Next up was the road race. It was a bit more balmy out now at 27 degrees and we were ready to go until the course marshalls weren't on course and we had to wait. Brad and I decided to wait in the car instead of outside and as a result we started in the last row of an 82 rider field. Wow, that was something else as the accordion effect at the back was rediculous as we sprinted and almost stopped repeatedly in the first couple miles. As a result of attrition and some good climbing, we managed to make our way further up in the pack. The last lap was expecially tough after the last downhill, which was so sketch due to the bumpy pavement and tons of gravel on it, where we had to put in a huge sprint to stay on the back of the main field. Then things settled down before the finishing climb. Brad and I put in a nice finish where we were able to pass tons of riders and nobody passed us once the climb started. Note to self, don't start in the back of such a huge field. There is absolutely no way to pass when the official's car is honking and freaking out if anyone violates the yellow line rule. So, results: Pete: 19 out of 82 in C Brad:29 out of 82 in C Chris: 21 out of 31 in DII Then onto the best part of the which was Brown's Brewery in downtown Troy, NY. Good food and festive drinks were had and enjoyed. We were intent on replenishing our glycogen stores and carb. loading for Sunday's Crit. So Sunday's crit was so much warmer, probably low 30's by the time we raced, and the course so nice that we were in good spirits before the race. The crit. course was absolutely great. Nice wide turns and smoot pavement, excluding the grates and manhole covers. Chris rode a great race sticking with a nice pack of guys throughout in the D's. The CII race was tons of fun because there was very little braking and you could just fly around the course. Brad and I were working throughout the race to get to the front but because of attacks and other things, like a crash, kept getting shuffled to the back. I took a couple pulls at the front of the main field to pull in two attacks. On the next to last lap I was in the back of the main field when coming toward the bell lap at the start/finish everyone sort of relaxed so I decided I must attack. I went by the entire field on the outside and got a jump into the first turn. I led the field and managed to string them out nicely and put some guys in trouble on the back as I drove towards home. As I came out on the finishing stretch I was sprinting as hard as I could, but it wasn't enough as several guys went past before the finish. I felt that I needed to attack and it felt great. Brad stuck in there and had an excellent sprint to the finish line. Crit. results: Pete: 12 out of 36 in CII Brad: 15 out of 36 in CII Chris:16 out of 32 in DII I think that I can speak for all of us that is was worth the road trip and racing in the cold for a successful weekend of racing. I am looking forward to some more races and putting it out there for a win.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

philly phyer photos (march 19, 20)

Aaron doesn't seem to play well with others. In Saturday's circuit race he took off on his own during the first lap and rode +/- 20 miles solo for the win (first image). During Sunday's crit he tried it again. Not given the same leash, he had to settle for second place in a field sprint.

Matt Good finishing strong for an impressive fourth in the Men's Intro. This was Matt's first race.

Conroy, too sexy for his shirt, finishing the in the DII C field (first photo), a race won by Ship training buddy Dickinson Tom (Tom Robson from Dickinson College). Tom attacked at the bottom of the final climb, quickly distanced his rivals, and continued to extend his lead through the +/- 700m from the top of the climb to the finish line (second photo). You can watch a video of the DII C race recorded from a helmet cam mounted on the second place finisher Joe Near of MIT here.

tnr, 3/22

Another great TNR this past week. Eleven riders total with newcomers Mike from Dickinson College and Josh Beck from...well, y'all know Josh.

Actually, the race turned into one of the most exciting, tactical races in memory. Josh pulled out the win, with Rick Fesler sprinting to an impressive second place in front of Goatesauce, Jon, and Aaron. Brad and Conroy rode strong races to come in next...followed (in I'm not sure what order) by Brian, Tom, Chris T., and Mike.

As the race is becoming more competitive (it seems each week that really anyone could win), perhaps soon we ought to create a little series. A points series. We've already got the two sprint lines, so points for sprints. More points for the overall. And then throw in KOM points on the Strohmsburg. It'd be a little complicated, but as long as I remember a pencil and paper and get down the results as they're happening I think we could make it work.

Friday, March 18, 2011


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forget the radios, let's ban the tyrants

Generally speaking, I'm in favor of the radio ban in professional cycling. Notably, however, I express that opinion as a fan and an amateur cyclist, which is to say that I don't have any real idea what it's like to live and work in professional cycling.

That said, Pat McQuaid (the president and face of the UCI), is handling the conflict that has arisen from the ban in typical fashion: horribly.

"...the system does not have to adequately represent the interest of the teams and their employees (interests which, by the way, conflict among these two at many times) - or of any other particular stakeholder..."


Legally, of course McQuaid is right. Practically, however, it's hard to imagine a less enlightened leadership strategy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Navy Crit

The collegiate road season is officially underway for the Ship Cycling Team!

Some pictures from the Navy Crit from two weekends ago in Annapolis, MD.  SHIP had one rider in each the B and the C fields, along with one C rider from nearby Dickinson.  Tom and Pete both had strong rides in the C field, finishing 4th and 9th respectively.  Pete had to recover from a crash in the nasty downhill hairpin corner but came back for a strong finish.  

I hacked it out in the B field, taking pulls and keeping the hurt on the field as long as I could.  Essentially doing everything you shouldn't do if your trying to win a race.  This meant that by the end, I was totally worked over but still satisfied by a hard fought workout.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ba baracus

A couple of images to consider with next year's kit / t-shirt designs.