Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tnr, 3/22

Another great TNR this past week. Eleven riders total with newcomers Mike from Dickinson College and Josh Beck from...well, y'all know Josh.

Actually, the race turned into one of the most exciting, tactical races in memory. Josh pulled out the win, with Rick Fesler sprinting to an impressive second place in front of Goatesauce, Jon, and Aaron. Brad and Conroy rode strong races to come in next...followed (in I'm not sure what order) by Brian, Tom, Chris T., and Mike.

As the race is becoming more competitive (it seems each week that really anyone could win), perhaps soon we ought to create a little series. A points series. We've already got the two sprint lines, so points for sprints. More points for the overall. And then throw in KOM points on the Strohmsburg. It'd be a little complicated, but as long as I remember a pencil and paper and get down the results as they're happening I think we could make it work.

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