Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Underwear of Fortitude

So, I got out today for some of these SST Intervals. It definitely required me to HTFU and I could have used some of this so called underwear of fortitute that Goats was talking about. I did man up for 75 min. of riding though by the end I was having trouble braking and shifting because my hands were so called. Also, I had the joy of being thirsty since the water froze in the nozzle of my bottle. All in all I did feel awfully manly when I was done my workout. Hopefully it will be a tad warmer for Saturday's long ride.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Training Begins Tomorrow!

I am finally starting my training tomorrow and I can't wait. When I started my time off from the bike three weeks ago I was so glad to be away from it. Last season was great but it was a long one.

Yet this past week I could hardly keep my hands off my bike. I cleaned it the last two days and before that I was finishing up writing my training plan for the next several months. I'm hoping this plan will fix my extreme lack of power generation in efforts over a massive ten minutes (maybe less)! This will be the first year that I will be trying to stick to a training plan. Hearing Tim, Scott and Hunter at the Peaks presentation got me thinking that I really should try one out. It should be interesting and I am excited to see if I can get myself to ride 15 to 20 hour weeks repeatedly. Yet the thought of not only upgrading to a Cat II but also doing well in a 1/II/III race is an excellent motivator.

I even rode the rollers tonight to make sure I hadn't forgotten how but only for five minutes (I'm trying not to ruin my plan before it even begins). I put the rollers between my door frame and really only had to shoulder the door a few times to stay upright (success)

Oh and I saw this picture today - perfect technique

next friday's road skills practice

Friday, December 3, 2010