Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ship Cycling...HOTTER!!

Jersey proofs from Atac:

I'm digging everything except the font in which "SHIP" (on the front & back) and "SHIPPPENSBURG" (on the side panels) is written.

(I'm also going to mess around with the Sunrise logo a bit.)

Here are my suggestions for a revision (ignore the Sunrise part, focus on the "SHIP" font):



Jon said...

I think I like the first revision the best. The next two just don't look right to me.

Cody said...
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Cody said...

sorry about that. I like the original lettering for SHIP that they sent us. It looks pretty sharp. I do like the first revision as well.

Chop said...

The first one is better than the other two, but I like the proof the best.

Jimmy said...

I lied in the email... I like the first revision best, followed by the proof.

Maret said...

I like the proof